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The Cataclysm Realm

This world’s name has always been a mystery. And while no one thought to ask, it has now become clear that a force in line with a World Law was in fact keeping this knowledge from us. However that is no more than an academic footnote as we now call our world The Cataclysm Realm.

We thought that the past century of tribulations was due to a war among the gods. We believed that Zhavelodin was a prideful child striking out in anger over his precious “toys and baubles” being taken and destroyed. Oh how we were wrong…

The legends and myths of the Amberites, those mythical beings even more powerful than gods, were apparently true. The supposed creator of our Realm is an Amberite named Zoron. And his first creation was Zhavelodin, the custodian of our world.

The facts are not very clear, but apparently Mithra the Sword Wraith, Dareth the Darkaxe, and Brother Methias the Angel of Death were children of Zoron. And in some family dispute they banished Zoron from our world. When Dareth and Methias later left (Mithra being deceased at this time), they assisted the gods in sealing our world away so that Zoron could never come back.

Sadly no one fully understood the depths of paranoia and vengeance riddled within the mind of Zoron, for his first creation was ever his pawn. And while it has taken nearly 300 years since Zoron’s exile, Zhavelodin’s plans finally came to fruition unsealing Tiamat’s Portal and allowing Zoron entry.

And while the gods managed to protect small pockets of civilization, Zoron’s vengeance has reshaped our world into something I no longer recognize.

When I asked my father why he didn’t warn us of what was coming, all he did was laugh. I find myself afraid for the first time in my existence, and I can still hear my father’s hollow laughter in my mind promising what is yet to come.

Excerpt from “An Adventurer’s Guide to NOT Getting Killed!”
Written by Jack, the Skeleton, son of Al’Ren.

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